I must admit, I have been away for quite some time working on some big things for my employer but nothing seems bigger than working on the things I love. Among the things I love, include talking. I like to feel my words actually inspire and impact people in real time. But beneath all these, I like the sound of my voice (have you heard me talk? lol). So consequentially, I love to blog. Hence the reason I can’t be kept off here for long.


I have often heard several expressions used in several comparisons. These include expressions such as “More than yours”, “More Successful than you”, “Richer than you” and my personal favorite….”Bigger than yours.” Personally, as a guy, it is one expression I don’t like to hear. Just don’t say it to me no matter what follows it. Unless in the special case where the reference is to weight. In that case, I don’t mind being the trimmed guy with the no-fat-muscles who isn’t fat (*Wink wink*). I could live with that. Besides that, I don’t want to hear it!

There is however, one funny observation I have made. There is a “Christian” way of using this phrase, “Bigger than” to make comparisons. This makes it less petty. It is often referenced to blessings, anointing among other “Christian jargons.” So if I wanted to say someone had more money, I would rephrase it as ” His blessing is bigger than mine.” Or in reference to doing something, we would use the expression”Her anointing is bigger than mine when it comes to singing.”

Never underestimate the power of jealousy and the power of envy to destroy. Never underestimate that.

Oliver Stone

There is nothing wrong with saying this. Except that, we tend to measure blessings and anointing by some quantifiable yardstick and appreciate what we have less and less. You would typically describe the guy in your church who graduated with you and got flown out to do his masters as more blessed than you while your retainment hasn’t even been sorted out yet. You would look at that girl who got a fresh ride to ferry her to the fancy job role her dad’s connection earned her as more blessed than you. It is not wrong to want these things. After all, we are all human. Some things have mass appeal. I can’t talk for you, but as for me, I have eyes for good things. But have you taken the time to assess what the magnitude of your blessings could be?


What if your blessings are not tailored to include a mere Toyota Corolla but rather a Range Rover 2017 Autobiography Dynamic which takes GHC4000 for just its monthly maintenance checks.  Wouldn’t it be fair for you to be built to be financially sound to handle such a beauty? Or what if your blessing is to own an island. So instead of a car, yours would be a luxury yacht which makes Kempinski look like Katanga before the morning cleaners arrive? Do you think a mere GHC1000 salary for a fresh-outta-service graduate would be enough to pay for crew expenditure?


So instead of being quick to ask God why your blessings have delayed, why don’t you rather pray for a bigger heart and bigger eyes of gratitude. A heart big enough to make you fall on your knees every time you think of how far you have come and where you are going. Eyes big enough  (not as big as Liwin’s though)  but big enough to see the things you have and with precise focus on what God will do in your life.

You are most happy when your life is devoid of envy, comparisons and wandering eyes for what others have. True happiness comes from appreciating what you have. It is further amplified when your appreciativeness coupled with your purpose dumps you into success. Nothing beats the feeling of having earned something which you put sweat in.


Just like the Melcom building which was built in a haste with poor materials , so will your success collapse and crumble if your foundation is not built with the strong elements. Remember that patience is a virtue which is only rewarded after serving the time.

Today I am thankful for my life, my family, where I am and where I am heading. But of all things, I am thankful for the life of my brother-from-another-mother, roommate, make-believe-distant cousin and most importantly my friend. Happy birthday, Eubank Laud Arthur!

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