cartoon-goalkeeper-deflecting-ball-soccer-funny-smiling-35081410So the picture you see right here is how I deflect feelings from myself now. And it’s not like I am Daniel because I’m a Hardman but because I know what feelings can do to a full grown man. It is not a recent experience even if it was i would deny it. But don’t think I am feeling all emotional writing this piece.

So first of all why I deflect feelings?…I will tell you. The phrase catching feelings was new to me but the idea has been old to me for as long as I have been conscious of the difference between a boy and a girl, boobs and flat chest.

Just in case you are as naive as I was some days ago catching feelings is to “fall in love” with someone at an inappropriate time or mistake a repeated hookup for a serious relationship. Let’s discuss this in the non-sexual context. I think catching feelings is now much feared more than catching an STI. Ask me why and I’ll tell you. Having feelings for someone who is unlikely to return them is painful…very painful. It certainly seems like the emotion is unwanted.I won’t lie I have been there before and it wasn’t pleasant at all.

They say love makes you strong. It makes you soar on wings like an eagle and fly. Well that could be true for love but for catching feelings it is the exact opposite. It makes you weak like seven days(saw what I did there?). Plainly it leaves you lethargic and vulnerable when it is not mutual. Then you become needy of their attention all at once.

Greyhound dog catching ball
When you put in too much effort to catch feelings

However, it doesn’t just happen it takes processes. Initially there is this person you have around you don’t really notice in that regard then all of a sudden like you just took a sharp U-turnĀ  you feel you want them. That is when you realize you’ve caught feelings and everything becomes awkward and you can’t even have normal conversation anymore because you become conscious of yourself, something you wouldn’t have done before.

But if you were to describe what stirs the feeling, would it be that tingly butterflies-in-your-stomach kinda feeling, that leaves you beaming with smiles at the slightest thought that reminds of you the person, drawing across your face that stupefied smile in the process? Well you need more than that to validate your feelings. Feelings don’t just spring up. Perhaps you started feeling like this because you started getting touchy or you just broke up hence the void to be filled.


It could be true or it may not be true. I would never know. I don’t even know if I could tell true if it stood right in front me. But on the other hand nothing happens without a trigger. Nothing happens by accident. Do not start what you can’t end or for the purpose of this topic, don’t start what you can’t keep. As the bible rightfully puts it…

Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. (Song of Solomon 8:4)

Listen to that still voice which always prompts us as to what to do. It won’t be a billboard with a neon red writing telling you to apply the brakes on the feelings slope but it will always be there if only you open to it. If that feeling you are catching will lead you no where you’ll get the memo.

For all you know you’ll get the memo that you’re about to be bounced, the pinnacle of pain in the whole catching feelings experience. Don’t follow a pretty face or a seemingly perfect body figure and for the girls, a cute face with packs and pecs to catch feelings.So the next time you think you’re catching feelings ask yourself this, ” What’s the memo on this?”




  1. Zoe

    Hmmm catching feelings. You don’t call for it, you just realize you start thinking about the person too much and when it’s not mutual, you feel you have worked hard for a notice but still….God have mercy on our emotions. McLean not all are bounceable oo. You be there, it takes grace…lol

  2. Half of the time you already know it wont work out. That’s It’s an idea we are flirting with but i guess it’s the thrill. The best way to get over unwanted feeling is to wakeup up and tell Yourself the harsh truth “this wont work out, they don’t like me like that” and get your mind off by limiting conversation, compliments and talks about them etc. It’s painful but worth it.

    1. I think I lied in my post. I am coming out of one feeling I caught. It literally took until yesterday for me tell myself it won’t work out but even with that if she did text me today I might relapse. It’s a really hard place you know.Lol.

      1. Awwwn ?
        This conversation should end now but do you know it’s possible for one to catch feelings just after being told by someone else That “oh, i think you have a crush on x” so you start over thinking. Is it possible, omg, next thing… Awkward.(from experience)
        But feelings are very flunctuative and are not Enough to sustain a relationship. So we must keep an open eye, stop defending /overlooking signs that we are not meant to be… Pheww

        1. You know what sometimes you clearly see the signs that you’re heading for your own doom and the only way out is to back down and move on with your life…..but no the feelings won’t let you until you come to some truth such as being rejected or being cheated on then it begins to resound that yea you should have listened to head.
          The best teacher is life; if you don’t experience it you barely learn it.

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