As the world evolves so have there been countless number of intra-evolutionary measures undertaken by mankind to deal  with the most uncomfortable of situations. Of these innumerable ‘inventions’ if I may call them include the Zone System believed to be the handiwork of mankind. Over the passage of time, womankind caught along and copyrighted the patents mankind had created and came up with their own version. Now, there are so many zones invented by both mankind and womankind. Though similar in context but very different in execution.

Notably of all these zones is the Friend Zone, which is an ultimate ‘curve-ball’ served specifically to men (boys inclusive). I once knew this girl called Comfort who had a lot of suitable suitors. She had no interest in any of them hence placed them in her own zone to keep them around but not too close. Now just as she had no interest in those guys so do I have no interest in Comfort’s zone so now that I have your attention let’s talk about Comfort Zones.

You’ve seen inspirational quotes that encourage you to get out and do something strange; something you wouldn’t normally do…but getting out of your routine just takes so much work. So then what is the “comfort zone” exactly? Why is it that we tend to get comfortable with the familiar and our routines, but when we’re introduced to new and interesting things, the glimmer fades so quickly?

Well I don’t have an answer to that but what I have an answer to is the question of what a comfort zone is. And it’s simple. It is like this huge bubble of amniotic fluid you develop around yourself when you’re in a place that shields you from risks, danger and excitement that comes with progress.

You see comfort zones are just like Comfort’s zone. At this juncture one may ask what does Comfort’s zone have in common with comfort zones. Simple, they are all very welcoming and warm and then they suck you into their orbit. You receive sunshine alright but the only thing wrong is that you stay in orbit just like the moon around the earth but never come close to anything lively (I am really hoping you’ve got all the analogies I threw in there.)

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All zones are the same so if you start getting comfortable in a friend zone you are bound to live a life with no real action unless you’re into the whole ownership with no title vibe. Same way if you get comfortable in your comfort zone you will live a life of no action. It may not seem that bad of an idea because it brings about an ordered life which is good until it becomes a meaningless ritual.

Comfort kills productivity because without the sense of unease that comes from having deadlines and expectations, we tend to phone it in and do the minimum required to get by. We lose the drive and ambition to do more and learn new things. We also fall into the “work trap,” where we feign “busy” as a way to stay in our comfort zones and avoid doing new things.

The point of stepping out of your comfort zone is to embrace new experiences and to get to that state of optimal anxiety in a controlled, managed way, not to stress yourself out. Take time to reflect on your experiences so you can reap the benefits and apply them to your day to day activities. Then do something else interesting and new. Make it a habit if you can. Doing new things motivates us and helps us learn so take a chance to learn something new each day.

When mixed with the feeling of success, some anxiety and self-doubt, adventure can lead to personal growth.They will give us a huge feeling of accomplishment and increase our base levels of confidence.If your comfort zone is small, you’ll either be anxious a lot of the time or miss out on a lot of the excitement life has to offer. By getting out of your comfort zone more regularly, you’ll increase the number of things you’re comfortable with.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19)

How far you want to push your limits and boundaries is totally up to you but whatever way you choose, make sure it is in a progressive manner. It doesn’t matter how small the push is, just make sure that it happens. So it’s time to get rid of things that old, borrowed and blue. . .so God can move you out of your comfort zone into something new.


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