Pooping is just like failure, everybody has failed before. Some fail some of the time. Others fail all the time. Give them a blood test and they won’t disappoint in failing it. It is an inevitable part of our genetic make-up. As cleverly captured in saying, to err is human. We are programmed to fail and everyone will at many points of their life-cycle.

The sad part is that amidst the plethora of fails around us, our societal systems have reprogrammed us to only identify success and ignore failures. We see failure as a paranormal activity. More like having the thought of your celeb crush using the toilet. As far as we would like to think, they don’t do it. But if only you’d wake up to smell the coffee,  just as everybody uses ‘number 2’, everybody fails.

Many people don’t see the failures of the successful lot around us. Everyone gets distracted from seeing the cracks. I wouldn’t blame them. Even I wouldn’t admit I poop. I like people to believe that I puff off rainbow dust with a lavender smell. But as they say if you look closely enough you will see the cracks. Only problem is that many people don’t look close enough.

Even though they may not admit it, successful people embrace the fail factor as a constant in any learning curve. Unsuccessful people are mostly oblivious to the failure factor as an indication of progress. To them if it is not smooth sailing it is not success. But that thinking is one of many things that separate the successful from the not successful.

Out of every 10 experiences I have had, I’ve probably failed on all 10 counts. The plot twist of my life is that, anything and everything I am noted for now was because I failed at something. The total summation of my failures have led to this lump of awesomeness you see anytime you meet Mclean. My failures only served as a Northern Star pointing me on my way to where I ought to be. These experiences toughened me. They showed me my strengths and the areas I could improve myself.

I may not be sounding Christian to some my brethren because the Bible said we are the head and not the tail so failure is not our portion. Well to restore confidence in both this article and the scripture, that only becomes a problem when you view failure as full stop instead of a comma.

Failure is like traveling to Kumasi on a running stomach in a 207 bus to meet a deadline. Along the way you get to the Linda-dor Rest-stop and decide to take number 2 and then the bus leaves without you. After a while you get a ride in a VIP bus only to by-pass the 207 bus that left you in an accident. You still get to your destination 2 hours before your planned time but your realize the time you were given was 2 hours early. Now that is the form most failures take but we never realize the end reward because we return to Accra after the 207 bus leaves us.

If you are not getting past the fear of failure to get to what you want, then you don’t deserve the reward in the first place. Most times you only need that one time to be great and not the other nine times you try. If you don’t fail you miss an important lesson you will have to later anyway. It is more like deferring a course in your first year you would eventually take before you can graduate in your final year.

At the end of the day what will help us back on our feet is the fact that we overcame the fear of failure. And when we are not afraid to fail, we come invincible. You become more like one of those heroes in movies who has been shot six times with a hand grenade in a room full of bad guys. You don’t fear pulling the pin and demolishing the whole place because he who is down they say, fears no fall.

Once you think to yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” we realize we only spook ourselves most of the time. The secret to failure is to fail fast, fail young, fail cheap fail forward. Try something new today the world is ready to be awed with what you learn. But just in case you fail ask yourself this question “And so what?”


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