cool-quote-about-being-awesomeI’m very certain some eyes rolled as they read the caption. If you didn’t roll your eyes then you genuinely like me. But before you begin to feel too special, you are part of at least 2,458 people who like me (minus my social media virtual likers). I mean what’s there not to like? This dude right here is only part human and the rest of him is awesome.

It is at this point that you start thinking to yourself in a low key tone that this guy is so full of himself. But take a long second, pause and reflect. Now ask yourself this, “Should I be full of you?” I mean who else should I be full of if not myself? Look guys, I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I’m awesome for a myriad of reasons… I mean, look at me… I’m a blogger of my thoughts. Funny, talented guy who obviously has it all together, but if that doesn’t convince you of my glorious awesomeness perhaps this will.

I’m a poet and I write my own stuff . Sometimes my pieces come alive with vividity other times they are just a paragon of lividity. Sometimes they make perfect sense other times they are just a piece of sublime nonsense. Also, I randomly sing songs, some real, some made up and even with the real ones I mostly make my own lyrics (Now tell me that isn’t awesome!)

I make an average of 2.5 friends (and I mean habitual conversational level friends) per day. Put me in a room full of deaf and dumb people and you’ll come back to find us having a lengthy, hearty chat. I am this social butterfly with really amazing and colourful wings which are always wide open. (Impressive huh?)

My super power lies in my tongue. Not a day has gone by without me saying at least 15,000 words(an average woman may say abut 13,000 words per day). It’s a nervous habit, some people twiddle their thumbs, some fidget in their chair… I talk. I get some odd looks in the beginning, but in the end everybody loves Mclean!

Perhaps now you have had it up to your neck with my annoyance but the point I’m trying to raise here is that I am only awesome because I am ME and I enjoy being ME.00

In today’s world especially, it’s hard not to feel like our lives need to have a certain set of circumstances for us to truly be accepted.

With things like social media, we’re exposed to all the intimate details of a lot of people’s lives at one time. When they get engaged, married, have children, or are traveling the world with their fabulous jobs, we know almost instantly.

For a lot of us, that creates increasing internal pressure to have our life be a certain way because we think that’s what we need to feel happy with ourselves and be accepted in the world. We look to all of these other things outside of ourselves to feel beautiful and to feel accepted when the whole time, the only person who can truly allow us to feel these things is staring back at us in the mirror every day.

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1st Samuel 16:7)

I may not have the perfect 6ft basketball players height that most girls are helplessly seeking, or the deep tone voice of Idris Elba. I may not be so exquisitely dressed ,fashionably on point and stylish like David Beckham. I may not even be as good looking as Prince Charming but in my mind I’m a freaking prince with a beautiful heart and that’s charming enough.

When you start down that road to self acceptance—that road to truly loving who you are, flaws and all—it’s then that you can truly open yourself up to being awesome, for you and no one else. They’ll eventually come around.


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