Gracias-Biyan-Shukria-Bolzin-Merci-Juspaxar-Thank-YouSo it’s finally over. The birthday I created so much fuss about way before it came to pass. It was a blissful day just like every other day. I did what I’ve been doing every day for as long as I remember working at the office. I took the same pictures in the same poses like I do everyday wearing the same clothes I already owned.

But there was a twist. Much expected because it was my birthday. To my dismay  all the things I had expected to be surprised with (I can see irony staring in my face), never showed up. The  only physical gift I got from any human being was a watch I ordered for myself and acted surprised when I saw it in the morning on my desk. You may think it sad. You’re right it was. Comparing the number of people I know to what I received the ratio was like  2000:0. Very unfair.

But I received something more rewarding than any gift that I had anticipated. As cliche as it sounds I was shown love. I literally got wishes from over thousand people and it was overwhelming. From midnight till now my phone is still blasting with remnants of wishes lingering on almost all available media. It has filled me with so much emotions; most of which I didn’t even know i possessed.

I read many things written about me I didn’t even notice about myself. It was as if these messages were deliberately composed with the sole intent of making a grown man cry. I got to the point where I almost shed tears but for the defense of my tear ducts which did not comply with my emotions.


They say the two greatest days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out what your purpose is. And yesterday was nothing short of a great day because I had a legion of friends and family around me who made it all possible. With each wish for a perfect finish, with each grace to succeed in life’s race, with each prayer to strengthen me and not to cower, struck a bundle of nerves that contributed to the greatness.

As I am still on the journey to finding that specific and sole purpose, I am not worried because I know am surrounded with the perfect blend of high caliber, top-of-the-shelf, purpose-driven, smart, resourceful, silly-when-they-have-to-be, companions to guide me even after I find that purpose in the remainder of my life.

Of course with the mundane age of twenty something years comes moments of great happiness and serendipity! Who really knows what adventures lie ahead?What hopes lurk in the shadows of monotony? Part of the Happy in Birthdays comes unexpectedly, quietly, long after the candles are blown out but in my case I didn’t blow any candles because y’all denied me a cake.

So to those who wished me on my special day; those who called, texted, put up my picture, wished me in person, made me laugh, almost made me cry and those who also have my gifts and haven’t yet delivered them, I say a big thank you. God bless you and mirror every blessing you prayed into my life. I am immensely, grateful and I appreciate you for being part of my life. Love you all!

Thank you! Everything in me says “Thank you!” (Psalm 138:1 Message Bible)





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