Disclaimer: The use of the word “Unfuckwithable” shall and will be restricted to informal conversations. Usage at your corporate setting in front  of your boss will be at your own peril.

I have always loved reading the dictionary. As obvious as it sounds, it comes in very handy in communication. There is always a word you can throw in the middle of a verbal intercourse to turn heads and make you sound really intelligent (even if you are not). During debates and arguments, it could land you a win. As they say, if you can’t convince them, confuse them. In short new words matter.


I started reading my dictionary again after a long spell. Why did I stop? I was in Kumasi for 4 years. The will for advancing the English language was not just there. Moving on, any word or thing in this world, which is new, always, attracts  attention. I came across a newly invented English word. It wasn’t there before and now it is. The new English word is … Wait for it– “Unfuckwithable.”


Whatever you’re thinking , I know. I am very sure your first reaction was “But it contain the F-word. Yes, it does. But on the other hand, it is not a derogatory word, although some might see it as one that has relation with its progenitor – the F-word. At best they are distant cousins.

What really drew my attention to the word apart from its notoriety was its meaning.  The literal meaning of the word –Unfuckwithable, is an entity that cannot be obstructed or impeded in any way. Such an entity is usually unstoppable, and not meant to be threatened by any mortal beings on God’s green earth. In the case of an “Unfuckwithable” personality, if any bad situation arises, it is just hard to beat him.

As an unfuckwithable person, you operate in the state of mental awareness that you are at the pinnacle, untouchable or otherwise impervious to any physical or verbal attack. Unfuckwithable minds do not seek validation from outside opinion or through the attainment of goals. Instead, they are truly at peace with themselves and the world around them.- immune to criticisms or praise and fuelled only by inner happiness, their drive to succeed and self-love.

It is often said that he controls your emotions controls your mind. Most times we allow the negativity around us to control us on the daily. It has become easier to believe when people tell us we can not achieve something than to actually believe we can. Impossibilities are standards we are gradually coming to terms with. Mediocrity has become the new cool. We are slaves to the system and try our best to be obedient servants to the status quo. But we forget to be outstanding, you must be willing to stand out.

Many have asked Kanye West this question”Are you crazy?” The response he gave to this question was just the one thing I totally see eye to  eye with him on. It was simple. “Show me genius who isn’t crazy.” Now lemme give you a few seconds for this to resonate in your mind. Are you allowing the world’s label of you being crazy, hinder you from bursting forth in the full glare of your potential and becoming a genius? Are you allowing the weight of negativity to convince you that you can’t do that which you need to do?

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (Rom 12:2)

Every day you have to consciously restructure and recondition your mind. We feel discouraged because we are not mutually exclusive to our thinking. The things we hear, see, smell, taste and feel give shape to our thinking. You may think it’s all you but you will be amazed how your brain picks up fragments of ideas around you. If you are not feeling empowered to pursue your desires, look around you. What is the atmosphere around you like?

beefa5ecefe29021b0497b532e67ee77To live that unfuckwithable life it must start with your own words. Watch what you say about your life. Proclaim the best with your life. What shows up in conversation, expectations bring to life in behaviour. People say what they see about us. If your grades are bad, with no admission in sight and your parents are broke, naturally, the idea of failure to the external person will be imminent. It is not their fault. It is up to you to bring life to that idea of failure or bring to life something greater to supersede the conditions of your reality. And we know better to choose the latter because we walk in faith. We speak things unseen into being just like He who made us.

So I ask this one question. Who are you allowing to control your mind today? If your goals and dreams and don’t sound crazy to the world then it’s not bound to be the next big thing the world has been waiting for. Don’t allow the weight of the burdens of uncertainties cripple your dreams and deter you from you achieving them. Don’t allow anyone to quench your fire but most importantly don’t allow yourself to quench your own fire.  The hate will come. The concerns will flow in. But it’s up to you to let them ricochet off your impenetrable unfuckwithable suit and remain great. 


Find what it is that you’re passionate about and chase it as if  your life depends on it. Why? Because your life depends on it.


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