'Nice ass.'

A lot has happened in the past couple of years in the lives of all mankind. If nothing has changed in your life then I am not really sure where you’ve been hiding. Even if you were under a rock metamorphosis should have already begun. So I believe now you get my point on the change bit.

In these past years some of the notable changes which have occurred include, the bad; the human race was frightened with SARS in 2003–2008, bird flu was the main scare after that, in April 2009 the world struggled with the swine flu epidemic and the recent anti-sweetheart Ebola amidst missing airplanes.

The good; for the first time in the history of the world and the US, a black Senator Barack Obama was elected the president of the United States. His slogan “Yes We Can” became a symbol of hope for people all around the world. The decade was marked with the development of mobile devices. Cell phones were equipped with cameras, MP3-players, applications, and since 2005 cell phones are capable of providing access to high speed internet, making video calls (and being used as a tool to spread unwritten WAEC examination questions).

The search engine is the symbol of the internet technology for the Millennials. By the end of the 2000s, approximately 2/3 of the users in the world used Google for their search needs. Most dominant of these users were students who googled everything from music to homework. In my opinion this was the most notable invention which contributed so much to the graduation of many people from various tertiary schools including myself.

Now on the grey area which I am not sure whether to categorize as good or bad is world population which rose from 6.071bn to its current number of 7.3bn (good work China and India). But let’s have a flashback to the time when things were basic. When there was no texting, no Facebook, no twitter and all the other newbies. I am talking about when there were no IPhones or IPads and the slate and chalk was the closest thing to screen and stylus. No one had ever heard of Barack Obama. There was no American Idol. Harry Potter was a series of books, not movies. Nigerian movies were the bomb back in the day and the only movies which were trending in Ghana included Marijata and Diabollo.

The only series I was familiar with included Taxi driver, Things We Do for Love, Efiewura, Home Sweet Home and on the foreign side “Mind Your Language”. The only reality show I knew was Greetings from Abroad. “‘Agoro oo – waso twaiin ” was the earlier version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Telenovelas like Acapulco Bay and Sunset Beach were scarce and a treasure, a perfect way to unwind after a long day’s or week’s work not something which whiles away productive hours

Let’s throwback to when one dollar was equivalent to a range between 8000-9700 cedis and a pound was around 27,000 cedis. Around that same time ‘Pussy’ was a cat, ‘Dick’ was a name and ‘Thirsty’ was when you needed to drink water, ‘Gay’ was happy, ‘Rubber was just a material, ‘Cell’ was just studied in biology and ‘Ass’ was only a donkey.
Sex was unthinkable, kissing was for weddings and homosexuality was a taboo.

The world has greatly changed whether from good to bad or bad to worse, and will keep on changing. But always keep in mind that “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Eccl 3:1) KJV. The purpose of these changing times may just be to refine your strength, define your character and confine your limitations. Don’t give in to the hype of the new world.

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